10 Years Ago…..

10 Years Ago…..

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Looking back is sometimes a good thing- you can learn from your past in order to move forward in the future! Today’s post on 12-12-12 is looking back and time for YOU to think back to what you were doing 10 years ago. Did you think back then you would be doing what you are now? Please comment- a little bit like homework only way more FUN.  Here’s my take…..

I was 29 in 2002- happened to be my “Golden Year” which means the day you were born and the age you are is the same. July 29th is my day-

I had some pressure to win the PWA Freestyle title- Kev had won both the racing and wave discipline on the tour and if I took home the freestyle win, it would be a Pritchard Sweep…… So needless to say it was game time. I trained with all my might and took home my first world title.

I also got engaged to my lovely wife in December 2002. Wow, what a year……

Fast forward to 12-12-12 and I would have to say that I would not have changed a lot. There have definitely been some hardships along the way, but that is part of life….. I’m still living the dream, getting in the water whenever I want and thoroughly enjoying and loving the sport of windsurfing. It is in my blood and provides me with a great lifestyle to hang with my family ( We have a 3 year old boy who knows how to talk a great story) and do things that matter most. What will come in 12-12-22????? Time to start thinking about that and visualizing where we all want to go…. Look forward to Comments from all- big or small!!!

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