2012 Starboard Kode 94 Wood Carbon Brand New

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Another one of Kev’s boards just sitting around in the original box looking for a new home….. While he is on the road, he likes to give me things to do to keep me busy! I guess after selling most all of his PILE OF EZZY sails (still some sizes left so drop an email of your wish list) he wanted to move some boards-

Here we have a Brand New Kode 94- Wood Carbon top of the line construction going for $1,599! These guys retail for  $2,349

There are also a lot of other sizes available in new and used so if you don’t need a 94, let us know what you want and we can see what we can do for you!

Starboards Blah Blah about the board:

The Kode Freestyle Waves are Starboard’s wave freestyle boards. Their nature is to be aggressive, fast and maneuverable.

The three smallest sizes are most wave orientated. They fit the classic description of ‘down-the-line sideshore wave boards’. Their speed and maneuverability make them good freestylers as well, although windsurfers nowadays may find them too small for anything other than the occasional high-wind move.

The three middle sizes are a balanced blend between wave, freestyle and freeride. 86 litres remains a popular size for wave riding, so the 86 maintains a strong wave emphasis. The 94 and 103 are the best freestylers and high-wind freeriders.

The two largest sizes are mostly freeride-oriented, since their size does not fit with the generally-accepted wave or freestyle volumes. They can best be seen as engaging, maneuverable alternatives in the freeride segment.

  • The range that blends wave, freestyle and freeride.
  • 68, 74, 80 : classic down-the-line style wave riders with high-wind freestyle ability
  • 86, 94, 103: perfectly balanced blend between wave, freestyle and freeride
  • 113, 123: maneuverable freeriders