5 Great Wavesailing Tips

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1. Look behind you just as much as you look in front of you!!! Yes, that is right, the wave is coming from behind you- if you can’t see it, you are gonna be in trouble. Be patient, just because you are coming in doesn’t mean there is a wave right behind you- Look for it, wait for it!

2. Position on the wave is key- Spend 20 minutes on the beach watching the best guys and study what they are doing before you go out!

3. Use the wave as a downhill ramp! Once you catch it, don’t run away from it. Let the wave be more of your source for power and speed. Think about how a surfer rides the wave, he goes down the face on an angle to keep on the wave and uses the downhill ramp as much as possible!

4. Once on the wave and riding, keep your weight low and forward. Anytime you get your weight too far back you tell the board to STOP! Once you slow down, you are at the mercy of the wave and it will do with you what it wants!

5. LOOK where you want to go- always be looking down the wave and picking your turning points. Try your best to always stay as close to the breaking part of the wave as possible so your downhill run is steeper and easier to keep your speed. Always remember your body follows your head…..

Hope this helps any of you working on your wave riding skills! Looking to be a great season here on Maui…… Come for a visit! See you on the water-

Here a little video blast to see where I am looking-