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Aloha Classic 2016

All I can say is WOW- Hookipa has delivered the most incredible windsurfing conditions to be seen in a long time! It was pretty crazy out there to say the least. I’m so stoked for Kev as he got the job done and has stomped this contest so far. There are 4 more days left for one man to come up the double elimination and try to beat him 2x for the Hookipa crown…. That is gonna be one tough job to do! Kev has been training and focused on having fun and just improving his style. He is out there all day everyday for the most part and this event has showcased his style. Here is a quick video of some of the action that went on- If you have been watching the live stream you get the picture. If you have been sitting on the beach you know just how big and burly it was out there. The camera’s do a good job, but noticing a double mast high wave is hard to tell from the drone’s perspective. Gnarly is the best way to describe this event so far!

Just 3 guys are left and able to work their way up to battle Kev. The next heat will see Kai Lenny the master of waves taking on Levi Siver the other master of waves, these friends are gonna duke it out to see who will battle former World Champion Marcilio Browne. This is gonna be one tough heat. On any given day Levi is the one to watch at Hookipa. Kai isn’t out as much as Levi but he always shines when he does hit the water. One thing I know about Kai is he is so mentally strong that he knows what it will take to oust Levi. He is a competitor and knows how to get the job done. Levi is such a ripper, my question is how he will hold it together in his head….. I think he is gonna come out swinging as he has nothing to lose and this will be one of the most exciting heats so far providing conditions pull through.

From there the victor will meet Brawzinho- and this will be another epic demonstration of what the sport of windsurfing has progressed to! We will see flips and spins and late hits, one handed, no handed and who knows what else… it will be a nail biter and I’m excited to be spectating. Watch this closely.

Once the victor is decided they have to meet the determined seasoned veteran of my brother…. Kev is not a guy you ever want to have in any of your heats! He is tough mentally, physically and does not want to let this title slip away from him. At 40 years young, he has nothing more to prove but this is just icing on the cake for him. Keep your eyes open and be sure to watch the live stream if you are able. The forecast looks more positive towards the weekend and Hookipa will do whatever she wants…. I think we still have a show to see!

Watch it here:

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