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Baby Steps, Jibing and general windsurfing tips

As I watch my 3 month old learning to walk, I have noticed some common problems with his approach and his focus! He stands up, looks down at his feet as he slowly moves them and loses balance! It made me think about all the people out there trying to jibe while looking down at their feet- just like driving a car while looking at the gas pedal, this is simply a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t know how many times I have said this, “look down = go down” but it takes time for it to sink in for people. In all sports, looking where you want to go is key, the body always follows the head essentially so put this mindset into your windsurfing and see how you go. For general sailing I like to tell people to put their chin on the shoulder looking UPWIND so you know what is coming to you. A lot of people are looking downwind and guess where they end up? With your chin on shoulder, your hips shift and if you really want to crank upwind, think about twisting your belly button upwind as well. You will need to find balance of your foot pressure from front to back to keep connected to the fin and if you are using your harness lines correctly you are achieving mast foot pressure and will be on your way to easy effortless windsurfing!

If you haven’t seen the boom slide video here, watch it and get these movements in your head over and over till it becomes a DANCE- you can practice all these tips in your living room, outside in the snow, in the bathroom…… When you can visualize yourself doing the correct movements your body and brain knows what to do, it becomes instinct and inspires confidence that going into your jibe, you know you are gonna make it! Just like learning to walk……


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