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Baja Checklist!


Punta San Carlos has called my name once again. I LOVE this place and can’t tell you how great it is, you have to see for yourself. I’m on my way- I’m pretty spoiled flying in with Solo Sports- they handle everything…. well almost, you have to shower yourself off and feed yourself the amazing food they prepare for you and figure out what size sail you want to ride…. a little bit of thinking never hurts to keep the brain in shape!
Here is what I’m bringing down with me:

2012 Pocket Wave 85 with single fin option
IQ 4.5/5.0/5.3
Chinook Carbon 135-185 Boom
30″ Harness Lines
No Limitz 400 Skinny Bottom/ Sumo top
Streamlined Carbon Skinny extension (new product)
Short Arm Camaro Wetsuit
Long Arm Camaro Wetsuit
Da Kine NRG with 12″ bar

That covers the basics!

Other essentials are:

LIGHT CAP WATER BOTTLE ( This little gem saves me in all sorts of predicaments…. Don’t go without one. You can store you water in it, pee in it, read by it, stumble home with it and whatever else needs to be done!

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