Matt’s Monday- The LOW DOWN!

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a GREAT SUMMER! Just finished up our June Aloha Windsurfing Clinic and what a great week we had! A great team and group of people learning the tricks of the trade. The common theme … Continued

Rigging Tips

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Get it right! Five rigging tips to save your session before you hit the water! When inserting your mast, make sure the 2 pieces are together before down hauling. You can check this by running your hand over where the … Continued

Baja Wave Camp Rundown

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Just got back from Baja- I love it down there. We had a great crew, found some wind and waves, ate like kings, drank like fish and slept like rocks! What’s a normal day like you might ask? Get up … Continued

How to Tack

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Matt’s Monday…… Talking about lots of tacking tricks lately! Wanted to share….   Tacking is both one of the easiest and most difficult moves to master. The easiest is on a HUGE board and the hardest is on a small … Continued

Wave Riding Comparison

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I have been really wanting to get better at windsurfing. When your level is high, to me it seems like it is harder and harder to get better. Every millimeter, every little tiny, grip of the toes, where you put … Continued

Red Bull Storm Chase

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WOW- If you want to see some wind, check this out…….. talk about some radical and heavy conditions! You gotta be in pretty good shape to handle some of those beatings the boys were taking- Enjoy!

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