Incredible Tahiti Windsurfing!

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Tahiti gets your heart pumping. I had been to Tahiti 4 times before. Sailed all over the island including Teahupoo. The island is amazing, the people show what the word Aloha should mean, but the water, being in this magical … Continued

Matt’s Monday- The LOW DOWN!

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a GREAT SUMMER! Just finished up our June Aloha Windsurfing Clinic and what a great week we had! A great team and group of people learning the tricks of the trade. The common theme … Continued

Rigging Tips

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Get it right! Five rigging tips to save your session before you hit the water! When inserting your mast, make sure the 2 pieces are together before down hauling. You can check this by running your hand over where the … Continued

Baja Wave Camp Rundown

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Just got back from Baja- I love it down there. We had a great crew, found some wind and waves, ate like kings, drank like fish and slept like rocks! What’s a normal day like you might ask? Get up … Continued

How to Tack

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Matt’s Monday…… Talking about lots of tacking tricks lately! Wanted to share….   Tacking is both one of the easiest and most difficult moves to master. The easiest is on a HUGE board and the hardest is on a small … Continued

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