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If you have been thinking of stepping up your performance on the water, look no further. Matt has been teaching for the past 6 years with great success getting YOU to improve your performance. If you want to master jybes, learn to jump or even loop, Matt has the experience to take you where you want to go.


Chasing Andre from Matt Pritchard on Vimeo.


Matt uses the GO PRO video helmet cam to teach you what you do right and wrong – learn by seeing… It is Amazing!
Private Lessons

$275 per 2 hour session

Video recording is included

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Private Lessons

Pritchard Windsurfing Testimonials

What others have to say about the clinics…..

While recently on Maui, I was able to schedule a private lesson with Matt through HST.  A few years ago, I had taken a wave sailing clinic with him and learned a ton, so I knew a private lesson would be great. We started off my lesson intending to work on one set of tricks and he quickly determined I needed instruction on some of the more fundamental building blocks, which once mastered, would make the more complicated tricks much easier.  This has been hugely helpful in my overall sailing. In general, I think Matt has a unique ability to help breakdown the complexity of tricks so that mere mortals can begin to figure them out.  I highly recommend his clinics and private lessons to anyone trying break into new maneuvers and improve your sailing.

Steve Reale San Francisco, CA

Hi Matt, wanted to thank you for the really awesome time in Maui this year. The skills I learnt form you were fantastic. Given the small (alright LARGE) difference in ability I was wrapped that you could interpret what I would be able to learn in the timeframe and did so with such a down to earth approach. You were right – the whole loop thing isn’t bad once your head allows you to do it. Pity the body got caned in the process. Thanks again I’ll see you next year… Regards

Calvin Fatharly New Zealand

I got taken down by an overhead to mast high wave far from shore, with my gear way downwind. I swam, but no use and got really tired. Out of nowhere, I hear Matt’s voice “I got you! Don’t panic”. Matt is an awesome instructor, very creative, fun, supportive, and laid back. Best of all, he’s an inspiration. How often could you ride waves with a world pro upwind giving you instruction, or downwind asking you to follow him? And while you take breaks on the beach, he’ll demonstrate his talents on the water. It’s one of the best shows ever!!!

Linh Lam San Francisco, CA