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WindWarriors CoverMy first cover was from the fall of 1990, I was a junior in High School and it was one of those gusty light wind days at the Hatchery in the Gorge that you would have never guessed a cover would come out of! I can remember photographer Eric Sanford yelling out SMILE and LOOK at the Camera in his over animated crazy lingo!  Over the years I don’t know how many cover shots I have amassed but there have been a lot! Some of them are on my office walls and I can pretty much remember the exact shot and how they all set up- Nothing like a picture to tell a great story!

This most recent shot came for the Gaastra/Tabou photo shoot and was taken by John Carter from a helicopter off Hookipa Beach. Nothing too radical, just some cool colors and a look back to the copter to make sure were were getting the job done!

A big thanks to the guys at Windsurf Warriors for the great interview and photos! If you are looking for a great read on some windsurfing tips and tricks and all around interesting stuff have a look HERE! To make it a real no brainer, punch in this code and save some bucks- MATT16

See you on the water!

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