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Hookipa with the Boys!

I finally got back on the horse after almost 2 months of a nagging rib injury….. The conditions have been all time over here for most of the winter so far. Kev sent me a text saying, looks good, get down here! There were maybe 15 guys out there including the King- Robby Naish, the legend-Mark Angulo (who is leading the charge out there almost everyday) Victor Fernandez (world champ ripper) Graham Ezzy  (ripper), Keith Teboul (ripper, who let me try out one of his new boards), some other friends of mine (rippers) and of course my brother (who came back out after firing a few shots below! The waves were coming in nice sets with some easterly direction mixed in them. Sometimes you could find a mast high bomb if you got lucky but for the most part logo high sets were rifling in!  Hope you enjoy some more shots…. Thanks Kev for taking the time!

Rigging the 5.0 Manic….a bit big most of the time!

You can see how windy it is out there! Hangin on tight!

My favorite move, the wave 360….. invented by the man in the orange out the back!

Got a couple airs…. been a while, getting back in a groove!

Chicken jibe time…… yes I made it thankfully!

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