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Some call it blurry, I call it artsy

Boy, it has been raining and some wierd weather around here. I have been out on the 4.2 a couple days and that is just strange. I cant remember how many days I have used a 4.2 ever at Hookipa and this year it has been almost 10. Pretty crazy.

Yesterday, it was almost nice out so I ask my friend Tom to take some shots of me. His shots were great but my performance was mediocre to say the least. Well we tried, lets say that. I am saving some of the shots for the next Windsurfer International so we will see if the shots get published.

After my two sessions, I went for a photo session and tried to get all artsy. Usually artsy=drunk, but today, no beers were required, just some plain straight up blurry artsy shots. Some call it blurry, I call it artsy.

Graham Ezzy Goiter

Morgan Noireaux


Graham Ezzy ripping Hookipa

I thought this one looked pretty good in a panoramic view of Morgan.

Morgan Noireaux

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