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Pritchard Baja Wave Camp

If you missed out on the last Pritchard Wave Camp of 2015 don’t worry there will be more next year! We had a blast and a full on stoked group of wave rippers. The only bummer was that the water was so warm we didn’t get to wear wetsuits, the air was really warm and had to wear shorts and T shirts at night and we didn’t see any rain. We did get to ride waves and lots of them. We rode on SUP’s, Surfboards, Windsurf boards and even boogie boards. When class is in session, its time to buckle down and get your game on! When the wind pulls in around noon, the carpeted walkway down to the mighty pacific backs up with eager boys and girls ready to put their newfound skills to use. If you ever had Punta San Carlos on your list, make sure you check it off one day! It is an amazing place to say the least. Here is a teaser to show you some of the fun we had- Enjoy.


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