2011 TABOU 3S 76


2011 TABOU 3S 76

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This board is in GOOD condition- it has some tears in the rear footpad. The nose has been professionally repaired from a crash- you can’t really tell but just disclosing that info. A great bump and jumper, made to get planing and go fast. PERFECT for Bay Area blasting or Gorge cruising. Works well on Maui for those summer days when you want to go fast and have fun- The girls love these boards as well…

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Product Description

Play all Day

Not wanting to be outclassed the 3S range has grown with its successful shapes from last year. This “Do It ALL” board performs in any and every wind condition in the world. Step on any size and you immediately take off with no effort. Tell the board to turn and it says NO PROBLEM! The 86 takes on small refinements to keep up with new trends that Fabien has learned throughout the year.


Fabien Vollenweider says

This range of boards is finally complete! We needed to have a larger size for those light wind days when the 106 just wasn’t quite enough and stepping up to a Rocket was not as much fun… so the 116 has been born and there are no more excuses for missing waves on the lightest days!


This year there are 2 new designs, the 86 has been re-worked with Fabiens latest knowledge. By popular demand, the 116 is ready to make the big boys smile. This proven range of boards fills the wave/freestyle gap between the Pocket and the Rocket. The ultimate “learn to jibe” board that is easy to ride in all conditions. The new rocker lines are optimized for early planing and smooth riding.


PVC full sandwich
LTD: Flexlight CK (Carbon/Kevlar deck)

Bottom line

If you can’t decide on what you sail most, freeride, freestyle or wave, get one that does it all!!! The 3S range caters to experts all the way down to improvers. A great machine for the big boys wave board or perfect for anyone learning to jibe. The 3S will be your best friend no matter what.

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