2017 Cheetah

2017 Cheetah
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2017 Cheetah

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Ezzy Cheetah


Our go-to flat water sail, the Cheetah has a soft, locked-in race feel. Camless and easy to rig, the Cheetah’s deep foil provides power and speed. When we freeride, we want to go fast, nail 100% of our jibes, and rocket into the air if a ramp appears. This is the easy freedom that inspired the Cheetah, and what the Cheetah delivers. The Cheetah is pure freeride but can hold its own against any race sail. The forgiving, soft feel makes the Cheetah a dream to gybe. The Cheetah rigs on all RDM and SDM masts. And, like all Ezzy Sails, the Cheetah is built to last.

  • New Material = Lighter, Softer, More Maneuverable A lighter scrim not only reduces the Cheetah’s weight but also makes the sail softer, so it glides through lulls and maneuvers effortlessly. Also, the 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0 have 6 battens instead of 7, making the smaller sails feel lighter and softer.
  • Flatter Shape Above the Boom = More Control The profile above the boom is flatter to give the Cheetah more control when the wind picks up.
  • Smoother Twist = Faster The batten spacing is more progressive, which means that the battens are closer to each other nearer to the head of the sail. This creates a smoother twist in the sail’s profile, which translates to more constant power, more control, and a higher top speed.
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Product Description


Ezzy Cheetah Luff Luff Boom Boom Ezzy Mast No. of Base Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min Max Min Max   Battens Extension Kg
5.5 435 437 172 180 430/25/21 6 7 cm 3.844
6.0 442 444 179 188 430/25/21 6 14 cm 4.050
6.5 454 456 188 196 430/25/21 6 26 cm 4.140
7.0 465 467 196 204 460/25/25 6 7 cm 4.404
7.5 476 478 203 211 460/25/25 7 18 cm 4.836
8.0 484 486 212 220 460/25/25 7 26 cm 4.944
8.5 501 503 219 227 490/26/29 7 13 cm 5.262
9.5 513 515 237 245 490/26/29 7 25 cm 5.588

“Even with one less batten everything on the low end has been awesome. I don’t seem to miss the batten at all. The lighter weight seems to make it feel, if not more powerful, more efficient. I’ve been planing when I didn’t think I could. It also has a nice slippery feel on the minimum downhaul setting. It’s a bit softer in actual feel and power delivery out of a jibe which I liked… more user-friendly.” -Derek Rijiff-Delta Windsurf Company


“Just got my first sail on the new 8.0 Cheetah. What a blast!! Wind speed was average 13-14 with gusts up to only around 17 and lulls as low as 10. Didn’t matter, I just planed through it all. Everyone else gave up and went in (one guy was on a 7.5 Twin cam and another one was on a 7.6 full race sail amongst others), even the kiters were few and far between. In the meantime there I was cruising along, riding the fin, jibing (easily) on big swells and running circles around everyone. Easy sail to rig, easy sail to get up and going, easy sail to jibe, stable as hell and powerful as can be. I bet this rig adds 20 or 30 more sailing days a year for me. I had a big grin the whole time! Thanks again Dave! You just keep amazing me!” -Daniel Orodenker


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