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The Road to Pistol River

Our snowy bike Ride

Well I thought it was a good idea to drive to Gold Beach Oregon from Jackson hole. I mean it is just across, Idaho and then across Oregon. Easy. Looked it up on Google maps, 18 hours. Hmmm.Let me think about it. Well if I fly from Jackson to meet up with Ruben in San Francisco I have to go from Jackson to Denver and Denver to SFO, It takes about 6 hours, plus your checkin time and then a 10 hour drive from SF to Gold Beach. So I thought, it is only two more hours to drive. The good thing about flying is, well you dont have to drive.

The Beautiful Open Road


So my trip was late from the start. I thought well it might be a good idea to get a ride in before I sit in the car for 18 hours. So we went for a epic ride through the snow, well, we weren’t riding through the snow, we were hiking with our bikes. Resi’s cousin Elise, says, if you ain’t Hiking, you ain’t biking.. so we did a killer ride, but that set me back for leaving around 5pm. Bit late to start a long drive, but great way to make the most of your day.


The drive from Wyoming to Idaho is amazing. Well it takes about 25 minutes, but it is through the Teton Pass. After that, Idaho is pretty beautiful as well. The sun was setting, green, green pastures, just amazing. Loving it, road trip, all on my own, wind in my face, just happy to be hitting the open road. I have my sleeping back in the back, my tent, my bbq, all ready for the road ahead.

My goal was to make it Boise, and stop around there, find a place to camp, and take the rest the next day. I made it Boise, and started heading into Oregon, looking for a nice place to stop. I was looking and looking, and finally found this killer spot right on top of the mountains. When I pulled up, I saw a dead mountain lion, and got me a bit scared. I pulled up a bit more and made my camp site out in the middle of no where set up. I looked up and was amazed. Wall to wall stars. Just amazing. I made some room in the back of the truck, no need for a tent, just beautiful, star gazing, not a person within 5 miles, I hoped anyhow, just me and the great outdoors. I got scared, though, all alone, the cry of coyote’s, the hum of the owl, kooing around me, the distant frogs, and all I could think about was the mountain lion trying to attach me. What a wuss. I got in my sleeping bag, all snuggled up, and was looking at the stars, and was like, this is too amazing, i have to capture this moment. So I get out of my sleeping bag, set up the camera, and tried my first ever bulb exposure. Here is the result. Pretty cool, I think.

From there, the temperature just dropped. I was cold, scared, but I needed some sleep. I found Johannes’s sleeping bag, right next to me and since he wasn’t there, i used it as well. The temps were below freezing I think. Sure felt cold anyhow. I calmed myself down enough to get some sleep, was warm, and happy and felt like a real mountain man. If my love Resi would have been there, I am sure I would have been more confident. She knows about all this mountain stuff, and could crush a mountain lion with her bear hands, bear hands?? No pun intended. Anyhow, I was first awoken by a coyote fight, where something got killed in the wild, next was the amazing moon rising that woke me up, and finally woken up by the sunrise. Not the best sleep I have ever had that is for sure.

So, I knew the pistol river forecast, and knew I had to get there. I was desperate for a sail, and wanted to get on the water. Boy was it a long way. I think I took the longest way, but eventually pulled up and had a epic session. I wouldn’t say the conditions were epic, but I would say it was definitely fun after such a long road to get there!

The contest starts tomorrow and the forecast looks great!!

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