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Windsurfing with an 8 year old on my back!

My Aussie mates were over for the past 2 weeks of EXCELLENT windsurfing conditions… if you haven’t noticed we have been a little slack on the blog updates…. that is because Kev has been Starboard photo shooting and I have been busy as ever showing people some new tricks!

It has been almost 2 years of talk with my buddy David about getting his kid Ben out on the water!  I threw Benny boy on my back for a blast on the 6.9 Cross and Rocket 125! It was blowing a good 25 knots, most of the boys were on 4.7’s pretty wound up so I figured we should have no excuses for going slow. I wanted to give Benny the ride of his life out there, we had talked about doing a forward loop but decided (with his mom’s input) to wait till next year!

Thanks to the CLEW VIEW, I got some pretty cool clips!!!

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