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Windy Wind

It’s been raging lately here on Maui! The waves have been pretty small but that is typical this time of year. Every now and then the wind swell kicks up and there is some fun to be had! Both Kev and I have been pretty busy getting caught up after getting back from Santa Cruz. I was gone for 3 weeks and it normally takes me about that amount of time to catch back up! So life is good, the sun is shining and if you haven’t gotten out on the water yet this year, now is the time! Get your GAME ON!
Shawna and I are about to start our 2nd Aloha Windsurfing CLinic for this year and the forecast is looking GREAT! We have a lot of repeat guests which is always a complement and look forward to meeting new faces! If you are thinking of coming to Maui one day, let us know!!!

Had a great bike ride the other day with my friend Daniel- Check out the views of this amazing island that we are so blessed to live on….. We are so spoiled over here! Hope you guys are having a great spring!

See you in the wind : }


Beautiful Maui

Almost to Makawao!

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