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YES! To Windsurfing’s Future

All I can say is WOW! This incredibly amazing sport that we all know and love is still alive and kicking no matter what the critics are saying! People are asking me how the sport is doing and in my world it is certainly full power! Is the sport growing? Are there more kids getting into it? My answer is YES!

I think what is happening is that the weak are being weeded out or just a little distracted right now….. the passionate windsurfers out there are still charging, buying new gear, working on improving their performance and constantly chasing the wind at all costs!  Windsurfing will never die that is for sure- it is way too much fun! Kiteboarding has added a new level of fun in the wind. Has it stolen windsurfers away? Maybe it has to some degree but it is a choice and for a lot of people, it can be more simple, less hassle and more easily accessible for them. Stand up Paddleboarding has breathed new life into many shops and has kept the doors open! The SUP world is blossoming into new realms and almost everyone is doing it! This is GREAT. Exposing fun to more people will attract them to discover new sports and windsurfing could be one of them! I don’t know about you, but I would rather hook into my 30” lines and effortlessly blast over the water at 30mph vs paddling my guts out at 10mph, … maybe I’m just lazy : }  We all want to have fun and that is what is most important, right? YES

The past month has been photo shoot mania on the intoxicating waters of Maui. All the who’s who have been out gathering photos and video for upcoming 2016 product releases! Most impressive are the freestyle guys without question. These kids are doing some of the coolest moves windsurfing has ever seen! These freestyle rippers are unbelievably talented- AMAZING in fact! Could it be that equipment has evolved so much since my days in the early 2000’s? Is it just a new crew of kids getting bored with the usual and jumping out of the box? The easy answer is YES and YES.

Wave riding has taken some new lines in the past 5 years with the multi fin boards making a strong comeback from the early days of thruster boards. What started out as a twin fin movement inspired by Kauli Seadi and his incredible performance at the 2007 PWA Cabo Verde event has now turned to a quad fin setup with some Tri-fin boards all in the mix as well. As for the moves on the water, speed and angle all come into effect. Trajectory, timing and power combine for anyone to take their pick on what they like to see out there. The beauty of wavesailing is that no wave is ever the same, you have to adapt and adjust with instant reaction time. There is always a search for better turns, tighter lines and bigger waves. Where will it stop? It won’t…… new names are here to stay and along with them come new moves never thought to be possible. Have you seen a no handed taka off the lip? Google it and see riders like Graham Ezzy pushing the envelope. Watch Levi Siver helicoptering over the falls in an all out impressive attack on the wave. Kevin Pritchard takes hands and feet off while backlooping to the moon! The list of names goes deep and you will never get bored searching for glorious perfection of the ultimate wave ride.  YES!

Racers are pushing speeds of 60mph! YES, that is right….. windsurfers are getting close to that barrier and it will happen one day soon. Can you imagine going that fast over the water powered by the wind? Why not? Boards are getting faster and easier than ever with new shapes shorter, wider and more efficient. You don’t have to be a racer to feel this- the new freeride boards take all this into their conception and if you haven’t tried the latest 8.5 Freeride sail combined with a 128 liter free-ride board you really should! A mind blowing experience compared to what was going on 10 or 12 years ago! Bottom line, windsurfing is kicking into gear and now more than ever its time to grab the bull by the horns and get back out there! Spring is here and the wind is blowing…… Go find it! Sound like fun?

YES YES and YES!!!

See you on the water-


and PS, if you don’t have any wind this weekend, check out this video that Graham Ezzy posted up…. shows you some of the tricky wave moves that are sure to impress!

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