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How to Tack

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Matt’s Monday…… Talking about lots of tacking tricks lately! Wanted to share….   Tacking is both one of the easiest and most difficult moves to master. The easiest is on a HUGE board... READ MORE

For Sale Friday- Tabou Da Curve 85 or 91

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Take your pick, Brand Spanking new 2012/2013 Tabou Da Curve 85 or 91! Both are boxed and ready to ship right to your door! Priced at $1,399 with Free shipping- comes with straps,... READ MORE

Wave Riding Comparison

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I have been really wanting to get better at windsurfing. When your level is high, to me it seems like it is harder and harder to get better. Every millimeter, every little tiny,... READ MORE

Red Bull Storm Chase

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WOW- If you want to see some wind, check this out…….. talk about some radical and heavy conditions! You gotta be in pretty good shape to handle some of those beatings the boys... READ MORE

Tourists of the Sea pt 2

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Tourists of The Sea – Episode Two – Punta San Carlos – Surgical Strike – Kevin Pritchard + Graham Ezzy from Johannes Neumann on Vimeo. I had just booked my ticket to go... READ MORE

Windsurfing Body Tune Up

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In a perfect world, we would be able to go windsurfing everyday of the week! We all know that will never be the case so when it comes time to get back on... READ MORE