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Labor Day Love

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Summer is coming to an end….. Labor Day Love is here! Time for that incredible deal on your new wave board- the only question is, “which board is best for me?”  Quad fin,... READ MORE

Pain is Temporary

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Injuries have always been good to me in one way or another. It seems I have a pattern, every 5 years I take a dive into something that displaces bones. Yeah yeah yeah…..... READ MORE

Incredible Tahiti Windsurfing!

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Tahiti gets your heart pumping. I had been to Tahiti 4 times before. Sailed all over the island including Teahupoo. The island is amazing, the people show what the word Aloha should mean,... READ MORE

2014 Tabou Rocket Product Review

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Buy Now (CED From $1750) Buy Now (LTD From $2199) Product Overview The Rocket is Tabou’s freeride /race windsurfing board line. Tabou packed it with features that came directly from their slalom, freestyle... READ MORE